Bio-Dri II

Bio-Dri II


Essential Risk Management

Preventing the spread of devastating viruses including PEDv and PRRS from one farm to another is an essential part of risk management. AP’s Bio-Dri II helps prevent the spread of viruses by thoroughly heating and drying trailers after wash-down, making it an effective virus protection tool.

Key Features

Thorough trailer heating and drying
Remote access and email/text verification
Custom defined protocol for each trailer type



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User-Friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface provides control and monitoring of the drying process. Receive a record of each drying cycle for process verification from the system’s data logging capabilities.

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Control System Monitoring

Control system monitoring includes time-elapsed cycle, current mode and time remaining, trailer surface temperature, chamber air temperature, upper and lower duct temperature and cause of system shutdown.

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Easy Operation

The heavy-duty ductwork system is easily rolled into position for convenient drive-through operation.

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Efficient Drying

High-volume, high-velocity fans, combined with LP or natural gas heaters, provide quick, quiet and efficient drying.

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Surface Temperature Monitoring

Infrared sensors aimed directly at trailer sidewalls monitor surface temperatures.

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Remote Access

Heat and dry trailers to custom-defined temperatures and duration cycles. Bio-Dri II ensures all cycles are completed with remote access and digital verification via email and text.