AA 128 Touch

Agri-Alert 128 Touch

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Monitor temperature, power, feed and watering systems, burglary, bio security and more. Agri-Alert continually monitors your operation and quickly notifies you upon the detection of common site problems or failures.

Key Features

7-inch color touch screen
Internet connectivity provides remote access
Email and SMS notifications
128 zones let you monitor a large site with a single system
Modular architecture

Flexible Zone Viewing

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Display 128 Zones

View all 128 zones on a single screen; easily scan active alarms throughout the entire system.

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One-touch zoom

With one-touch zoom in/out capabilities, quickly zero-in-on a specific zone group, increasing the tile size and information visible for each.

Advanced Zone Filtering Options

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Filter Zones by Status

Easily view zones that may need immediate attention. For example, by selecting the Bypass Mode icon, any zone that is currently set on bypass is isolated.

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Filter Zones by Type

Quickly view all zones of a specific function. For example, by selecting the Temperature icon, all zones associated with temperature are isolated and can be viewed at once.

Easily Accessible Zone Settings

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Historical Information

With one touch, view historical information and records for each zone.

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Easily adjust values

Within each individual zone, click the Pencil icon to easily adjust values and limits such as temperature setpoints.

Wireless Options

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Wireless RS-485 Module

Programmable as a receiver or transmitter with a range of up to 6,500 feet*. Typically used in combination with a main controller (AA128 Touch or AA9600). A secondary wireless RS-485 transmitter can be utilized to relay information from remote RS-485 modules to the wireless RS-485 (Base), allowing a variety of configuration options.

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Expansion Modules

​As your operation grows, Agri-Alert can be expanded to accommodate your needs. KP, TP and TR expansion modules connect to AA 128 Touch alarm system by way of a RS-485 communication system (4 wires or wireless connection available) to give you unmatched flexibility and adaptability.

  • Expansion modules can be “daisy chain connected” up to 4,000 ft away from master AA 128 Touch control
  • Expansion modules come with one programmable output
  • KP’s allow user to view and modify system parameters from remote locations
  • All devices come in a PVC water and dust proof enclosure
  • All devices come with the Spike Block surge/lightning protection on inputs and outputs
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More Options

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RFID Security Tags

The KP-8IN-1REL and TR-2IN-1REL modules are equipped with an RFID tag reader. Every time a tag is scanned, information is tracked and sent to the Main Controller. When an output is activated through a scan, the relay is energized for a pre-determined time period. Even if the module is disconnected from the Main Controller, it will be able to scan, record and activate the output. To ensure compatibility with the system, use the tags provided with the module.

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Agri-Alert Power Supply


  • 20 watt (100-240 voltage supply)
  • Up to 4 modules
  • Plastic enclosure
  • Compatible with legacy modules