Curtain Controllers



Gear Up to Powerful Performance

Protect the health of your investment with a properly controlled curtain system.  AP’s curtain machines deliver powerful performance and reliable operation with durable components to withstand a rigorous environment.

Key Features

15, 30, or 60 RPM Motor
Heavy-duty cast iron drive block
Multi-directional frame mounted, header pulleys


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Heavy-Duty Drive Block

The removable nylon insert of the heavy-duty cast iron drive block simplifies cable/chain installation and ease of maintenance. The design also decreases friction and provides wear characteristics superior to conventional brass drive blocks. UHMW polyethylene guide wheels promote smooth travel, proper alignment and stability.

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Polyethylene Pulley Cover

Additional weather protection is provided by polyethylene pulley covers.

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Water-Resistant Junction Box

A plastic water-resistant junction box is accessible from outside of the curtain controller.

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Reliable Sprocket Controller

Solid construction and rust-resistant materials make the sprocket controller a reliable, durable workhorse.

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Backup Protection

Isolated primary and secondary limit switches allow for backup protection.

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Threaded Block and Drive Screw

A threaded block and drive screw is directly coupled to a direct drive gear motor of the Curtain Controller.


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Latch-Out Switch

Simple to install and adjust, optional latch-out switch kits are available. Can be wired normally open or closed, and has a maximum load rating of 10 amps/240 volts. The 36" Curtain Controller includes the latch-out switch.

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DF-Series Curtain Controller

Increase productivity and efficiency by automating the dropping of the feed system with the DF series Curtain Controller. Utilizing a roller chain or cable installation, the DF series is durable and dependable.

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Auto-Air Actuator

Precisely controls automated air inlets or chimneys. This powerful unit features 24” of travel and a 700 pound lift capacity. The internal potentiometer communicates with any Airstream control through the PF-6 inlet positioning module or integrated outputs of the Expert controllers. The controllers and Auto-Air Actuator work together to adjust to the correct air inlet position for all stages of ventilation providing optimum environmental control.

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Hardware Kits

Heavy-duty galvanized steel components of the hardware kit include sealed needle bearing pulleys, and plated anti-warp fasteners for ease of installation.