Commander Series

Commander Series Fan



Top Performance with Variable Speed Precision

Plan your next ventilation strategy with the 36" or 54" Commander direct drive fans built for high efficiency, high output, and remote access through your EDGE® control system.

Key Features

36" and 54" models available
Single and three phase power supplies
0-10 volt or 10-0 volt input for speed control of the fan
No belts, pulleys, or grease
Reduces total fan energy costs


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Fiberglass Housing

Durable and aerodynamic fiberglass housing with stainless steel mounting hardware.

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Commander Direct Drive

High performance, permanent magnet motor runs cool to the touch and supplies constant torque to the propeller.

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Corrosion Resistant Design

Aluminum motor mounts, stainless steel hardware and non-corrosive props

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Remote Access with EDGE

When connected to an EDGE control system you can remotely monitor the system and see the current draw of each Commander fan.

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Invertek Drive

Industry leading drive allows for the use of failsafe relays or backup thermostats as required. For more information on Intertek Drive features visit the video library page.