Competitor Series

Competitor Series Fans


Offering a Competitive EDGE

The Competitor Series fans are the airflow champions in a competitive international marketplace.

Key Features

PVC Shutter Standard
All Aluminum Motor Mounts
Heavy-Duty Fan Guards
Durable Fiberglass Housing
Automatic Belt Tensioner


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Competitor Direct Drive

Features high efficiency 1/3 HP motors and durable, fiber-reinforced nylon propellers. A five-blade propeller configuration produces optimal air output while putting minimal operational load on the motor.

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Competitor Belt Drive

Include high-performance stainless steel propellor, 1.75 HP motor, 1" drive train (allowing for larger pillow block bearings for enhanced longevity,) automatic belt tensioner, and large diameter pulleys with greasable pillow block bearings to promote greater belt wrap and extended life.

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Fiberglass Housing

Durable and aerodynamic fiberglass housing with stainless steel mounting hardware.

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PVC Shutter

Standard white PVC shutter with plastic rod hinges.

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Heavy-Duty Fan Guard

The baked-on finish promotes corrosion-resistance and long life.


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Durable Construction

Motor mounts are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and fan propellers are made of a long-lasting stainless steel.


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Discharge Cones

Boost fan output by as much as 15% with optional fiberglass discharge cones. Available as a one-piece unit for 14" to 36" fans, and as easy-to-ship and assemble multi-piece units for 50" and 54" fans.

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Insulated Panels

Designed for the coldest weather, insulated panels seal out even the most extreme winter conditions.

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Aluminum Shutter

Rust-free aluminum shutters are available for fans 12" to 54" wide, with optional motor operator where required. 

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Transit Tub

When pump-outs are not required, transit tubs are ideal and available to fit 8" to 24" fans.

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All Weather Fan Hood

Save costs and improve efficiency (particuarly in windy or cold weather) with an all-weather hood, available for 14"-24" fans.

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Pit Transitions

Where pump-outs are required, pit transitions are available for Competitor and Performer Series 12" - 24" fans. Stainless steel pit transitions are available for 14"-24" fans where pump-outs are not required and sidewall curtains are necessary.