Specialty Fans


Maximum Comfort for Optimum Results

Be it high-powered cooling, gentle circulation or something in between, AP's specialty fans offer cost-saving solutions.

Key Features

Low Maintenance
Durable Construction

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Competitor Pit Fans

For minimum ventilation and removal of hazardous pit gas, Competitor series variable speed pit fans are ideal. Choose from a 24" wall fan combined with a durable plastic pit transition or an economical one-piece unit with external shutter. 

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Basket Fans

Available in 24" and 36" single speed and variable speed models, basket fans feature heavy duty guards with baked-on finish, high efficiency motors and propellers, and versatile mounting options that adapt to most applications.

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Duct Fans

Ideal for low air requirements of small farrowing or nursery rooms, AP’s duct fans are a very cost effective solution. These fans deliver more precise amounts of air under windy conditions than larger fans. The duct will adapt to existing 10" PVC pump out ports. 10" PVC pipe extensions and elbows for duct fans are available.


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All Weather Fan Hood

Save costs and improve efficiency (particuarly in windy or cold weather) with an all-weather hood, available for 14"-24" fans.

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Transit Tub

When pump-outs are not required, transit tubs are ideal and available to fit 8" to 24" fans.

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Wind Deflector Cone

Improve the efficiency and performance of a ventilation system with wind deflector cones, easily adapted to new or existing fans. 

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Insulated Panels

Designed for the coldest weather, insulated panels seal out even the most extreme winter conditions.

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Pit Transitions

Where pump-outs are required, pit transitions are available for Competitor and Performer Series 12" - 24" fans. Stainless steel pit transitions are available for 14"-24" fans where pump-outs are not required and sidewall curtains are necessary.

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Quick-Lock Kits

The quick-attach fan mounting hardware simplifies cleaning and maintenance by allowing the fan to be removed quickly and easily for regular cleaning and keep fans operating at peak performance.