Inlets and Tunnel Doors


Airflow Distribution

AP air inlets and tunnel doors provide precise control and distribution of airflow into or out of any type of ventilation system.

Key Features

Energy savings and low maintenance
Power washer friendly
Corrosion resistant construction

Actuated Ceiling Inlets

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Actuated ceiling inlets are available in a 2500 to 4000 CFM bi-directional or 2500 CFM uni-directional models and with stainless steel or plastic housings.

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ACI-2-4000 Actuated Ceiling Inlet

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ACI-2700P Actuated Ceiling Inlet

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ACI-4000P2 Actuated Ceiling Inlet

Actuated Wall Inlets

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Actuated PVC Wall Inlets

Cut to length on site, allowing a customized-fit. 


  • Opens automatically based off negative static pressure supplied by the exhaust fans
  • Available in bi-fold or four-sided models for ceiling inlets
  • Available in top-hinged counter-balanced model for wall inlets
  • Plastic and aluminum housing and doors for corrosion-resistant life span
  • Hardware package and insulation stop with every inlet
  • Panel dimensions are 1.5" thick x 30" tall x 24’ long
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Adjust-A-Baffle™ Systems

Constructed of one-inch thick polystyrene with a rugged plastic coating fastened to UV-stabilized PVC channels.

  • Make any length possible in sizes 8", 12", 16", 18", and 24"
  • Flexible PVC hinge and sealing strip slide into the PVC channels
  • Stainless steel cable or rod hardware packages available

Non-Actuated Ceiling and Wall Inlets

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Non-actuated ceiling and wall inlets models are available with plastic or aluminum housing. Bi-flow ceiling inlets come in two sizes:  1000 CFM and 2700 CFM. The counter-weighted baffle system allows the 12" baffle to become automatic without the use of mechanical static pressure control.

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CAI-2700 Ceiling Inlet

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CBIA-3000 Counterweighted Baffle