Feed & Chore Carts

Feed & Chore Carts


Easy Convenience

Transport feed and other difficult-to-carry items with the rolling ease of AP Feed and Chore Carts.

Key Features

360° Turning Radius
Durable, Shatter Resistant Polyethylene Construction
Easy to Clean Surface


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Built To Last

Our carts are made with super smooth FDA-approved polyethylene and are easy to clean.  Unlike metal or wood carts, the corners will not shatter or gouge doors and walls.

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Easy to Maneuver

Feed and Chore Carts are designed to transport items with ease, utilizing 360° turning radius wheels.


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Chore Carts

The Chore Cart's smooth, sloping interior prevents feed bridging. It's durable heavy steel tubing construction carries a capacity of 4-1/2 bushels, and the turning radius is a full 360°. Chore Cart measures 19" wide x 40" long x 32.5" tall.

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Feed Carts

With a capacity of 5-1/2 bushels and 360° turning radius, the Feed Cart is the perfect feed transport companion. It weighs 49 lbs. and measures 26" wide x 40" long x 36" tall.