IR Plus Feed Sensor

IR-Plus™ Feed Sensor



With no moving parts or necessary sensitivity adjustments, the IR-Plus™ ensures the feed level switch is activated every time. When the feed level drops below the sensors and the user-defined time delay has elapsed, the fill system starts, bringing feed to the desired hopper.

key features

No moving parts
No sensitivity adjustments
Easy installation
Adapts to nearly all flexible auger systems


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Maximize Feed Efficiency

The IR-Plus™ is specially-designed to work in tandem with the Flex-Flo™ feed delivery system and i-plus3 Control Pan. This combination of proven and dependable products provides gentle feed handling and full hoppers & feed pans for maximum feed efficiency.

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Adjustable Time Delay

An adjustable time delay prevents the fill system from short cycling, extending the lives of motor and auger.

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Infrared Sensors

Infrared sensors accurately detect feed flow to shut off fill systems when the hopper is full.