Boots and Unloads

Boots and Unloaders

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Quality and Convenience

Several quality boot and unloader designs are available, each with convenient feed inspection and maintenance features.


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3 Impact Resistant Styles

16” (40.6 cm) parabolic boots, available in straight, 30°, and straight twin models, are made from ultra-high impact polypropylene for greater flexibility, dependability and durability.

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Boot Unloaders

Standard unloaders are available for 2.2" (55mm), 3" (75mm), 3.5" (90mm) and 5" (125mm) Flex-Flo™ or 4" and 6" rigid auger systems and are designed to fit below the 16" (406mm) plastic and 22" (559mm) metal boots. All unloaders have an ultra-high impact, polypropylene slide-gate above the auger to meter feed or serve as a complete shut off. A convenient inspection/clean out plate, located on the side, is easily removed with two wing nuts. They also feature a heavy duty ball bearing for increased service life and reduced maintenance.

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Clear Boot

The clear boot allows for quick verification that feed is in the bin. The heavy walled boot is injection-molded from a specially-formulated ultraviolet stabilized clear polycarbonate blend.