Electronic Sow Feeding


The Better Way to Feed Sows

AP and Schauer have partnered to bring Electronic Sow Feeding to the marketplace. With a variety of new management options that target vaccination, heat detection, reproductive efficiency, nutritional supplementation and animal movement, ESF is a versatile staple for any operation. From a single feeder operation to a 10,000-sow farm, ESF can be customized to meet the operation's requirements.

Key Features

Feeds up to 80 sows per unit
Hand-held units enable paperless barn management
Straight-ahead exit and retractable feed bowl maximize animal throughput

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Pen Gestation

Electronic sow feeding is the only alternative to gestation crates that provides true individual animal nutrition. Compident feeding stations are robust and reliable, thanks to over 30 years of experience and dedication to continuous improvement.        

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Electronic Tracking

Electronic identification of sows with RFID tags allows computer-controlled management of individual animals including vaccination, heat detection and top dressing of nutritional supplements.        

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Proven Value

AP and Schauer's alternative sow housing solutions maximizes performance and sow comfort. Design a system ideal for your facilities, animal flow and management style.


Keys to the successful implementation of ESF

Electronic Sow Feed Station

With more than 30 years of system design experience  and expertise, AP Schauer ESF stations are now the world's leader, currently feeding 100,000 sows daily in the U.S. ESF stations are durable and reliable, and offer a variety of unique design features to feed up to 80 sows per station.

  • Retractable feed bowl.
  • Straight passage through the feeder for the sow to maximize output.
  • Air actuation of all moving parts.
  • A "TOPO" extremely user-friendly computer interface.
  • Hand-held capabilities for the paperless barn management.
  • Expertise in system design and technical support.

Design of Barn and Animal Flow
The AP Schauer team has experience with a variety of pen housing options from total slatted confinement barns, to partially slatted sow barns, to deep bedded barns. Our ESF system is totally flexible in its implementation and readily applicable to retrofitting existing facilities. Our expert team will provide concept designs for your ESF initiatives that include recommendations on pen size, shape and detail to help minimize the untoward effects of social hierarchy in group housing. We will also meet with your management to help identify the best combination of animal flow and grouping strategies that promise maximum productivity and easy of use (e.g. static vs. dynamic or pre- vs. post-implantation crating). There is no substitute for success as over 30,000 sows are now eating from ESF stations in AP Schauer designed pen gestation barns across the U.S.

Training and Support
Change is not always easy. AP Schauer has a team dedicated to electronic sow feeding, and retains one of the most experienced ESF consultants in the country to assist with the management transition from crates to pen gestation and train managers and employees to get the most out of the AP Schauer Compident electronic sow feeding system. ESF can be much more than a way to feed sows. It offers a variety of new management options that target vaccination, heat detection, reproductive efficiency, nutritional supplementation and animal movement. 


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Simple Design

Reduce stress to animals and staff and lower service costs with the simple and convenient design of ESF. It's easy for animals to acclimate to the feeding process. Workers will find convenient access to necessary components for regular maintenance.

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Programmable Criteria

ESF stations can be programmed to sort animals based on production criteria. TOPO software provides a clear overview of the feed strategy and the current status of the feeding at all times.

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Durable PVC Hoppers

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System Light for Quick Operation Confirmation

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Color Coding (2 per station)

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Swivel Trough

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Sturdy Exit Gate


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Pneumatic Feed Dispenser

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Double Exit Gate