Gestation Sow Feeding

Gestation Sow Feeding



AP’s Gestation Sow Feeder combines the functionality of a free access stall with the accuracy of RFID sow feeding to provide a simple yet accurate system to feed sows in pen gestation individually.

Key Features

Individual Animal Nutrition and Welfare
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tag
Flexible Modular Design
EDGE Connect Capable


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Easy-To-Read Display

The GSF display provides clear information on feeding cycles with minimal programming required.

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Modular Design

GSF offers a modular type system.  Pen size is determined by how many feeders are banked together.  Because of this, farmers can design pens sizes to match breeding group sizes. The modular nature of the GSF system makes it the ideal system for retrofitting partially slatted barns.  Feeders can be left where the conventional stalls are installed and the remaining stalls removed to make pen space for loafing sows.

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

The GSF station recognizes sows through an RFID tag which adjust the feed schedule and ration to that animals individual needs. 

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Easy Feed Verification

A clear feed housing provides quick verification that feed is present in the feeder.

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Edge Connect Capable

GSF is EDGE® Connect capable providing the herdsman extensive feed management control with the ability to customize the feeding requirements of each individual sow. EDGE Connect also offers remote access allowing the herdsman to monitor the system anytime. 

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RFID Hand Wand

Make changes to the sow’s feeding plan directly on the wand display and enter new sow arrivals into the system by scanning their ear tag.


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Optional Color Marking

Stations can be programmed for color marking based on particular sorting or nutritional requirements.