Using the Hi2Lo Wet/Dry feeder, each pig creates their optimal feed-to-water mixture in their individualized trough space. The divided trough spaces and built-in weep holes prevent one pig from flooding the entire trough. A stationary shelf is welded at an optimal height for most wean-to-finish feed requirements. The A-shaped shelf design and built-in agitator help prevent feed clogging. A standard built-in hopper extension allows extra feed capacity without the necessity of additional equipment add-ons. The adjustable feed gate allows precise feed flow to be set for less waste.  Other features include a water line guard and welded tab connections and center bracing for ample strength and stability.

Key Features

Individualized Feeding Space
Pigs choose their own feed-to-water ratio
Built-in weep holes for each individual trough space to eliminate flooding potential


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Individualized Trough Space

Individualized trough space and nipple allow each hog to mix their optimal feed-to-water ratio.

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Simply Feeder Adjustment

A simple hand crank adjusts the feed gate on the Standard wet/dry feeder.

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Solid Divider Panels

Solid divider panels reduce aggression and promote uninterrupted feeding.

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Welded Drop Tube Holder

Wet/Dry feeders include a welded drop tube holder to secure the feed tube.

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Water Line Guard

A steel guard easily attaches to the feeder to protect the external water hose from damage.

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Strong Welded Corners

Strong welded corners add to the overall strength of the feeder.

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Tab Welded Hopper Construction

The front and rear hopper panels are tab-punched and inserted through pre-cut slots in the feeder sidewall. The tabs are then externally welded to provide greater overall strength and stability. 

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Hemmed Edges

All exposed edges are hemmed for additional safety and strength.

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Welded Center Bracing

Internally welded rod support provides additional strength and support.

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Steel Water Line Connection

Simply attach your water line to the standard steel connection and you are ready to go. 

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Aquaglobe Auto Flow Nipples

AquaGlobe Auto Flow Control Nipples regulate water flow, regardless of barn water pressure.