PVC Planking



Confinement Fence

Divider panels are available for farrowing crates for animals up to 30 lbs. Nursery pen dividers are easy to clean and available for animals between 30 and 120 lbs. Finishing plank is made for animals over 120 pounds and ideal for rugged duty applications such as boar studs and breeding areas.

Key Features

Simple Installation
Low Maintenance
Durable Construction

Features & Options

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Finishing Plank

Finishing plank is available in 2" x 8" tongue-and-groove or AP's unique 2" x 38" one-piece panel.

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Solid Plastic Aisle Gates

Solid plastic aisle gates make pig movement easier, keeps manure out of walkways, and provides a draft-free area for small pigs.

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Low Maintenance

PVC is corrosion-resistant and powerwash-friendy for easy maintenance.