AP Services

AP Services


Controller Training

Your controller is only as efficient as it is set up to be. AP technicians are trained to help operate your controllers and will train you to keep them running smoothly. On-site training includes programming and testing of all hardware, and training for up to five (5) barn staff.  For those more experienced with AP controllers, we can pre-program your controller, save it on a memory stick, and send to you for uploading. Pre-programmed optisticks for Commander series fans are also available through an AP distributor.

On-Farm Controller Training Fee: $1,000 per day


Product Training

AP representatives will provide hands-on training tools needed for the training seminars, either at an AGCO facility or (for an additional fee) at a location of your choosing. Training is available for controllers, BioDri, and ventilation system design. Qualifying AGCO facilities are located in Assumption, IL; Jackson, MN; Omaha, NE; Taylorville, IL; and Sioux City, IA.

Product Training* Fee
Training at an AGCO facility $750 per day
Training at another location $1,000 per day
*10 person maximum. Travel expenses and lodging not included.


Ventilation Audits

Capitalize on the expertise of AP to improve the efficiency of your barns. AP’s Ventilation Audit can help you create a better environment for you and your animals and realize savings on utilities. The results of the audit are presented in a written report with recommendations for correction or improvement. While on-farm is preferred, off-farm audits are a good alternative when prompted by health and safety concerns. We use all of the barn information including photos, a live video feed and relevant details to determine recommendations. On-farm audits provide not only ventilation settings based on fans and inlets but also specific solutions for your farm.

  • Inspection of all ventilation equipment
  • Calculations of air speed, air exchange, etc.
  • Check curtain and attic/soffit openings
  • Check ventilation staging/control settings
  • Compare system to AP recommendations
  • Check backup/failsafe & alarm systems

  • Utilize Facetime, Zoom, Webex, gsiedge.com, etc.
  • Check/calculate/recommend as similar to On-Site as possible

On-site Ventilation Audit Fee
>5000 Head Sow Farm $2,000
<5000 Head Sow Farm $1,500
>5000 Finisher/Nursery $1,250
<5000 Finisher/Nursery $1,000

Off-site Ventilation Audit Fee
>5000 Head Sow Farm $1,500
<5000 Head Sow Farm $1,250
>5000 Finisher/Nursery $1,000
<5000 Finisher/Nursery $750


Equipment Audit

AP can help keep barns in tip-top shape – ensuring fans keep working on those 100 degree days, or heaters when it’s
10 below. An equipment audit can help repurpose existing facilities by providing ideas to best utilize available space. Equipment audits are also available to share AP’s expertise of Gestation Sow Feeding/Electronic Sow Feeding units (GSF/ESF) and Bio-Dri facilities.

  • Maintenance Plans
  • Detailed drawing/barn layout
  • Replacement Parts
    • Recommend preventative maintenance replacements
    • Recommend equivalent AP part for competitor equipment replacement
  • Barn repurposing design
  • Audit performance of electronic sow feeding systems (ESF/GSF)
  • Bio-Dri

>5000 Head Sow Farm $2,000
<5000 Head Sow Farm $1,500
>5000 Head Finisher/Nursery $1,250
<5000 Head Finisher/Nursery $1,000
GSF/ESF $1,000
Bio-Dri $1,000

AP Service Notes

- Services only available in the United States (lower 48)
- All fees are net cost
- Controller training is only on AP products
- Customer travel expenses are not included
- This is not a repair service

Payment Terms: Net 20

Payment Options: Check/ACH/Visa or Mastercard
(4% CC fee will be added to payment)

A variety of AP free training videos are available here.