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Remote Management

Precise monitoring requires controls that are able to conform to the specific needs of your production facility. AP control systems adapt to your climate and feeding requirements. They feature intuitive, user-friendly operation and construction built to withstand the rigors of the environment.

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Sales and Service

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About Us

About Us

As the global population grows, the need for more efficient swine production solutions becomes increasingly important. With over 30 years of industry experience, AP (Automated Production Systems) is positioned to support this ever growing demand across the globe. AP is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions by providing you with equipment that works as hard as you do.

Finishing Feeders


AP stainless steel finishing feeders

Finishing Feeders



  • Single and double sided models.
  • Corrosion resistant 340 stainless steel construction.
  • Patented quick-adjust system.

Built to Perform

Quick-Adjust System



AP's patented* Quick-Adjust indexed feeder adjustment system requires only two adjusters per feeder for quick, accurate and consistent control of feed gate settings. The indexed settings are permanently laser etched on the feeder and provide for precision gate adjustments of 0.075" (0.2 cm) of all feed types.

*U.S. Patent# 8,800,491

Finishing Feeders

Three different options


Solid Panel Design
Reduces aggression for uninterrupted feeding.

"W" Design Dividers
Prevent small pigs from becoming lodged in the feeder.

Wide Spaced Rod Dividers
An option for unobstructed access for larger hogs and ease in cleaning.

Feed Saver Lip


Reduces feed waste. Designed for added strength and easy cleaning.

Drop Tube Holder

Drop Tube Holder

Finish and Wean-to-Finish feeders feature convenient, welded-in drop tube holders to secure the feed delivery tube and provide additional feeder strength.


40 to 300 lb. Pigs

Part Number Style Length Height Width Trough Spaces Trough Space Width Trough Height Tube Brackets Approx. Cap.**
AP-DF*403-R Double Sided 40.125" 36.25" 25.25" 3 13.33" 4.5" 1 370 lbs.
AP-DF*504-R Double Sided 50.125" 36.25" 25.25" 4 12.50" 4.5" 1 460 lbs.
AP-DF*605-R Double Sided 60.125" 36.25" 25.25" 5 12.00" 4.5" 2 550 lbs.
AP-DF*706-R Double Sided 70.125" 36.25" 25.25" 6 11.67" 4.5" 2 645 lbs.
AP-SF*403-R Single Sided 40.125" 36.25" 14.5" 3 13.33" 4.5" 1 240 lbs.
AP-SF*504-R Single Sided 50.125" 36.25" 14.5" 4 12.50" 4.5" 1 300 lbs.
AP-SF*605-R Single Sided 60.125" 36.25" 14.5" 5 12.00" 4.5" 2 360 lbs.
AP-SF*706-R Single Sided 70.125" 36.25" 14.5" 6 11.67" 4.5" 2 420 lbs.

Sizing recommendation - 1 pig per 2" of total trough length (recommendation can vary with size of pigs.)

Swap the asterisk (*) in the part number with either (C) for Crank Adjust or (P) for Pivoting Quick-Adjust.

** Approximate capacity based on a level full feeder, feed density of 42 lbs. per cubic foot.

Specifications are subjest to change without notice.