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Gestation Sow Feeder

Provide individual nutrition for gestating sows in group housing

  • Easier sow management
  • Ideal for Prop 12 compliance
  • Improved animal well-being
  • Modular design easily adapts to existing facility and flooring
  • Cost-effective compared to other systems
  • Simplified sow training

Precision Feeding in Group Housing

The Gestation Sow Feeder combines the functionality of free access stalls with the accuracy of RFID sow feeding to provide a simple, accurate system to feed sows in pen gestation individually.

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Better Management Made Easy

Meet each sow's nutritional needs with customized schedules and rations. Plus, an intuitive display and remote access allow you to monitor and manage the system from anywhere.

A Smarter Answer

Learn why the Gestation Sow Feeder from AP offers worry-free setup and superior support in an easy to manage package.

The AP Advantage

Animal Well Being

  • Meet each sow's nutritional needs with customized feed schedules and rations
  • Decrease feed access competition and aggression

Easy to Manage

  • Intuitive display gives you feeding cycle information in the pen
  • Make individual feed changes in the pen with a smart device
  • Remote access to monitor and manage anytime from anywhere
  • Automated reports on each sow to maximize her performance

Why AP?

  • We are with you from design, to set-up and startup
  • We work with the install team to get the job done right
  • We're onsite for a worry-free launch
  • We're available to help you get the most from your system

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