Filtration Systems

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Pathogen Barrier Filters

The advanced engineering behind the Camfil Pathogen Barrier filters makes it possible to achieve the highest possible airflow while maintaining filtration efficiency throughout the life of the filter.

Key Features

Sustained mechanical efficiency of L6 and L9 glass media
Five times stronger than standard glass media
Continuous frame mold and seamless gasket to prevent air leakage


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Radial Inlet and Outlet

The unique curved form of the air inlet and outlet provides greater open area and less resistance to air flow, compared to traditional V-shaped filters. 30% more open area on the filter inlet and 60% more open area on the outlet are key components to achieving the highest airflow.

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Quality Media

A fine fiber structure and unique height-to-pleat spacing ratio work in conjunction with the radial inlet and outlet to minimize resistance and maximize air flow. The pleat separators ensure stability and provide continual low energy usage performance.

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Easy Handling

The handles incorporated in the frame allow for easy control and prevent damage to the filter media.

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Built-In Prefilter Spacing

Eliminates blockage of airflow and resultant high pressure drop when a prefilter is mounted directly to the face of the filter. While this problem is common in all V-style filters, the problem has been eliminated through advanced design engineering.

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Continous Frame Mold

Constructed of a single, molded front plate with no joints or gaps rather than the mated frame parts of V-Bed style filters that potentially create leak paths.

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Seamless Gasket

Camfil Pathogen Barrier filters feature a seamless molded gasket to maintain the utmost protection from air leakage and contamination.


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Added Protection

Optional Pathogen Barrier filters are available with an external, powder coated, steel mesh screen which provides additional handling protection to reduce filter damage for optimum filtration.

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FastFrame System

FastFrame is a simple and secure holding frame available in 24"x24" or 20"x24" sizes for wall-mounted air filtration systems. It will hold Pathogen Barrier L6 or L9 filters, prefilters or a combination thereof.

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Filter Ducts

Pre-fabricated filter ducts fit between roof trusses and adapt two, three, four, six or eight Pathogen Barrier filters to a ceiling air inlet, minimizing airflow restriction and allowing negative pressure ventilation systems to operate as designed.

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Filter Banks

Pathogen Barrier filters can be assembled in a wall bank configuration for neutral and positive pressure ventilation systems or adapted for use with tunnel and cross ventilated buildings.

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Prefilter units extend the life of a filter by capturing larger particles before they reach the filter. Two models are available:  a 2" unit recommended for filter ducts, and a more durable 4" unit recommended for applications where filters are exposed to the elements.