Evaporative Cooling

Komfort Kooler™ Evaporative Cooling


Natural Cooling Systems

Komfort Kooler systems utilize the natural cooling effect of evaporation to combat seasonal heat and stress-related dips in production. Efficient cellular water media can achieve temperature reductions up to 20 degrees depending on temperature and humidity conditions.

Key Features

Uniform pad wetting
Corrosion resistant construction
24% more water capacity compared to round tube systems


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Pre-Formed Square Trough

Save time and money with proper installation, every time. The Komfort Kooler requires no tube cutting for the trough in the field. A perforated tray snaps onto the pre-formed square trough to hold pads firmly in place. Injection molded end caps and couplers speed installation.

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More Water Capacity

Both closed-top and open-top Komfort Kooler models utilize a pre-formed square trough, serving as a 2.1 gallon-per-foot (26 liters per meter) water reservoir which holds 24% more water compared to round tube systems.

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Jet Pump System

A centrifugal jet pump and automatic float valve match the water supply with system demand. The pump can be end mounted, center mounted, or used as a dual pump system. The center mount design allows for long runs to continue seamlessly (no breaking pads or additional components).

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Cam-Lock System

Allows tool-free pad installation and replacement.

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Superior Pad Performance

Custom pad sizes are available in 2’ to 6’ lengths. An advanced resin technology and curing process provide superior performance, and the black diamond edge coating adds strength and durability.


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Open Top Design

Manage and maintain the system with easy access to water jets, pressure checking, and the spray bar.  Pre-punched components simplify installation. Water deflectors insure uniformpad wetting.

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Closed Top Design

The hinged cover and thumb screws hold the cooling pads firmly in place and allow accessibility to the spray bar. The spray bar bracket and water deflectors insure pads are uniformly wet. Designed for longevity and easy installation. 

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Installation Flexibility

Mount on sidewalls with support brackets, if necessary. Or, install on concrete (recommended) for less fatigue to building structure, less restriction on sidewall height and a better seal for years of dependable operation.

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Submersible Pump System

A one-piece roto-molded holding tank offers increased water storage capacity. The submersible pump keeps water levels consistent for efficient water delivery.

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Center Drain Kits

Komfort Kooler center drain kits are available as an option.

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Double Stack Cooling System

Maximize cooling performance with a Double Stack Komfort Kooler evaporative cooling system. Sharing components and extending the water recycling benefits of a single Komfort Kooler system, the savings are stacked in your favor. All stacked systems require 1-1/2 HP jet pumps and are available in the open top design. Stacked systems greater than 70' require 2 pumps. Cooling pads are available in combinations of 4', 5' & 6' heights. Contact your dealer for further details.