Feed Delivery

Product Lineup

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Flex-Flo Feed Delivery

Flex-Flo™ feed delivery system adapts to a variety of configurations and capacities to meet specific production requirements.

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Rigid Augers

For high capacity material handling, AP offers a complete line of rigid augers and accessories. 

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Chain Disk

Chain Disk feed delivery systems have the flexibility to adapt to all types of swine production facilities, overcoming the performance and reliability constraints of other systems. 

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Trickle Feed

Pen style housing, particularly in a remodel, creates feeding challenges. Achieve desired production results with AP's trickle feeding system, the proven solution for specific group housing configurations.

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Feed & Chore Carts

Feed and Chore Carts simplify feeding chores, eliminating the need for more labor-intensive wheelbarrows and feed buckets.

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Smart-IR II Feed Sensor

The infrared sensing technology of Smart-IR II detects feed levels and controls all of the system's functions.