SmartIR II Feed Sensor

Smart-IR II Feed Sensor


Detect and Control Feed

The Smart-IR II Feed Sensor utilizes infrared beams to detect feed.  There are no moving parts or sensitivity adjustments, and it is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity, moisture content or feed type.

key features

No moving parts
No sensitivity adjustments
Easy Push Button Programming
Adapts to nearly all flexible auger systems
Maximum Run and On Delay Timers
Alarm Notification of Out of Feed Events


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Infrared Reliability

Six infrared beams must be simultaneously interrupted by feed to deactivate the switch.

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Flexible Installation

Smart-IR II installation is simple and flexible. It even works at an angle, providing reliable feed sensing to keep feed lines operating correctly.

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Durable Construction

The Smart-IR II feed sensor insert is designed for performance and serviceability. The durable, clear housing serves as a protective lens, shielding the infrared transmitters and receivers from feed, dust and moisture.


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Protective Cover

An optional protective cover for Smart-IR II safeguards the unit from damage from high-pressure washes or incidental contact without obstructing operation or vision.