Bulk Feed Tanks


Manufactured with Quality Materials

Every stage of AP's bulk feed tank forming process - from corrugation to die-cut shaping to precision finishing - is completed in-house under direct control.

Key Features

Durable High tensile, galvanized sidewall sheets
Deep Corrugation 2.66" Corrugation
High Strength Ladders Roll Formed Sides, Dimpled Rungs for Better Grip
Stable Roll Formed 6-Bend Legs
Hopper Slope Options 60° or 67°


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The high tensile steel sidewall sheets are made with a G-90 galvanized coating for strength and durability.  The 2-2/3" (968mm) wide by 1/2" (13mm) deep panel curvature is tooled and shaped in-house for easy assembly.

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Drip Lip

Protection from the weather without capacity loss is the ultimate result of AP's drip lip water deflection system. It's one-of-a-kind design includes roll-formed bottom sheet edges which force water away from the hopper and lower boor area.

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Bin Roof

Roof panels are precision manufactured using die-form tooling to provide consistent quality.  Both 30⁰ and 40⁰ roofs feature reinforcing ribs at each roof seam for added strength and rigidity.

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Rugged Bin Lid

Conveniently and safely operate AP's durable polyethylene feed tank lid from the ground. It swings open to a full 180°, lying flat and parallel to the ground from its position below the peak ring (on 7' and larger diameter bins.) Its simplified clamp-band design permits installation in a 360° orientation.  The bin lid is available for 30° and 40° roof profiles, and retro-fit packages are available for 20" and 22-1/2" O.D. peak rings.

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High Strength Ladders

A non-interfering safety rail and fully die-formed sectional side ladder provide convenient and comfortable access to the feed tank.  Ladder rungs are engineered to eliminate rung spin, and are dimpled for better grip. Galvanized ladder cages are available for tanks with an eave height of 20’ and higher.

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60⁰ and 67⁰ Hopper Slopes

AP hopper panels are available in 60⁰ and 67⁰ slope with a 16” or 22” hopper opening.  They are die-formed with rounded corners and down-turned sealing edges for safety and a weather-tight fit.  Rounded, truss-headed bolts reduce “bridging” of contents on inner surfaces.


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To ensure first-in/first-out flow, the Sure-Flo directs feed down the bin's hopper rather than down the center.

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Flow Hammer

The patent pending Flow HAMMER is a reliable and affordable feed bridging solution that easily adapts to most existing feed bins. Its low frequency/high impact design promotes reliable first-in/first-out feed flow without damaging the bin.

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View Windows

Easily check the level of feed in a tank with the use of optional view windows, installed in a sidewall or hopper panel mount.  

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The Integra Feed-Link™ system provides a cost effective method of monitoring and managing on-site feed inventory while providing real-time consumption data.

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Factory Formed Fill Kits

Ensure secure and moisture-proof seals for the optional pneumatic fill-kit with AP's exclusive pre-punched, extruded lip roof panels. They eliminate the inconvenience and difficulty of field-cutting fill and exhaust tube openings.

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Hopper Valve

The easy-access valve for hopper-bottom bins provides a simple solution for accessing a small amount of feed.

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Snow Guard

The snow guard kit prevents blowing snow from entering the feed tank. It can be easily attached before or after bin assembly.


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