Positive Pressure Ventilation

Positive Pressure Systems

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Reduce exposure to airborne pathogens

With integrated Camfil filtration and evaporative cooling, combined with the reliability and benefits of the EDGE® controller, AP’s positive pressure system is an effective solution for maintaining healthy air quality.

Key Features

Filtered air is forced out of a building reducing exposure
95% particle capture efficiency with Pathogen Barrier Pro L9 media
Remote connectivity and multi-location control with EDGE®

The Positive Pressure Process

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Rollseal® Sidewall

Controlling the amount of air entering and exiting a building is essential in a positive pressure environment. AP’s RollSeal sidewall system is perfectly designed for this task with an unbeatable seal and higher insulation rating compared to traditional curtains.

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Camfil Filtration

Camfil Pathogen Barrier filters provide lab and field-test proven performance in the prevention of aerosol transmission of viruses including PRRS. The advanced engineering behind the filters makes it possible to achieve the highest possible airflow while maintaining filtration efficiency throughout the life of the filter.

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Komfort Kooler Systems

Utilizes the natural cooling effect of evaporation to combat seasonal heat and stress-related dips in production. Efficient cellular water media can achieve temperature reductions up to 20 degrees, depending on temperature and humidity conditions.

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Ventilation Fans

Achieving proper static pressure is a breeze with AP’s 54" direct drive and belt drive ventilation fans. AP control systems automatically adjust fans and inlets to provide optimal airflow conditions efficiently and effectively.

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Tunnel Doors

Air enters the animal living space through tunnel doors, ceiling inlets or a combination of the two. Airflow can be customized based on operations requirements.

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Exhaust Systems

Air is forced out of a building via AP wall shutters and actuated exhaust systems. This process prevents unfiltered, outdoor air from entering the animal living areas that might otherwise be compromised from air leaks or open air inlets in a negative pressure environment.

EDGE® Control

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Integrated EDGE® Control

Control multiple buildings or rooms from a single controller using the power of EDGE's single interface. It reduces management complexity and offers considerable cost savings by eliminating the need to have a separate controller for each location. One EDGE system can easily perform the tasks of up to 64 individual controllers.

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Auto Adjust for Optimal Airflow

Determining necessary ventilation typically requires complicated calculations to convert CFM per head into ventilation stages. With EDGE in control, say "goodbye" to confusing formulas and arbitrary ventilation settings. Ensure accurate control of the environment by inputting CFM per head values and the number of animals in a particular building. The revolutionary EDGE controller takes it from there, automatically determining the proper inlet settings and fan stages.

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Remote Connectivity

Connect an Ethernet cable and take control of the system from anywhere. EDGE's cloud-based architecture allows remote connections via any web-enabled device to monitor and analyze data in real-time or quickly respond to issues. EDGE gives you the freedom to leave the farm while knowing you are only one touch or click away. If a problem occurs and an alarm is triggered, you will be immediately notified via text message or email, saving valuable time and money.