Feed Storage

Product Lineup

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Bulk Feed Tanks

The high quality of AP's bulk feed tanks begins by using the best raw materials available. Each stage of manufacturing - from corrugation to die-cut shaping to precision finishing - is controlled and supervised at our own facility.

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Flow Hammer

Minimize the negative effects of feed bridging with the patent pending Flow HAMMER. Bridging can interrupt feed schedules and take time to correct. The Flow HAMMER keeps feed consistently moving first-in/first-out. This reliable and affordable solution easily adapts to most existing feed bins.

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EDGE Bin Scale

The EDGE bin scale system offers real-time remote access to your feed inventory status through any smart device; receive low feed-level notifications, track inventory, analyze historical data or water usage and more.

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The Integra Feed-Link™ system provides a cost-effective method of monitoring and managing on-site feed inventory either at the site or from a remote location. Feed-Link™ can be easily adapted to new or existing facilities to provide accurate real-time data regarding feed inventory levels and feed consumption.

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Sure-Flo creates a first-in, first-out feed flow by directing feed down the hopper of the bin rather than down the center. This helps reduce feed contamination and out-of-feed events caused by bridging. The optional Sure-Flo does not require power connections.